Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Next Day

The Next day dawned bright and beautiful, yet there is still snow on the ground. In the middle of October!I snapped this photo of my rose bushes, now slumbering untill spring. I amplanning on planting more flowers in my little garden, but I don't know yet what I want. My finger still hurts!!!!! I had to put it in a finger brace.

In other news, I recieved this wonderful swap from one of the gals in the Sincere_Swappers_and_Pals Yahoo group. thanks girlie!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Snow Trouble

Why did it have to snow in the middle of October? Thankfully the roads were not that bad, but s I was cleaning off my car to go out to see my sister, I closed my finger in the car door. These pictures show my poor finger a few hours later. Unfourtunetly you can't really tell how swollen that finger is, my sister called it my Alien finger, because it looked like E.T.'s finger minus the glowing effect.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

"As The Deer . . ."

I saw this beautiful scene as I stood at my kitchen sink. So I grabbed my camera and quickly and quietly snuck out to take this picture. As I looked at them it reminded me of my favorite church hymn.
" As the deer pantith for the waters,
oh my soul longth after Thee,
You alone are my heart's desire,
and I long to worship Thee."

Matchbox-drawers swap - Sent

This is the set of matchbox drawers that I made for my partner. It is the first time that I have made a set of drawers our of 32 count matchboxes. I hope she likes it. it will be mailed out in the morning.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

What the?!? Corn?

I attened the "Cover Bridge Festival" at Kenobles park. As I was wandering around my nose caught the unmistakeable smell of roasted ears of corn. I headed over to the stall to get one for myself and saw this strange sight.
Neat huh?!