Thursday, February 26, 2009

Art & Visual Thinking Project #2- "The Dead Tree"

My secound big project is done for Art & Visual Thinking. We had to make a landscape out of paper with nothing drawn. I created a scene of the seashore at sunset. On the cliff above the water is a dead tree.

I used cardstock, tissue paper, and a scrap of artist paper from Stampington & Co.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Art & Visual Thinking Project #1- "PhantomBeauty"

My first big project for Art and Visual Thinking was an abstract painting that represents me. It was a very interesting piece to do.

The steps I had to take in this project:
#1- Create 6 thumbnail abstract designs that represent me. I created an image of a woman reaching for a star over a mountain.
#2- Create 6 thumbnail designs with my name. I used an image of my name in block letters.
#3- Pick one of the abstract images and one of the name images. Enlarge them to the desired size.
#4- Cut the images into 9 equal-sized pieces and mix it up!
#5- Transfer these new images onto a piece of matte board. overlap the images as you desire.
#6-Paint the final image using one color family. I choose to use my favorite color family, Cold Colors. My name is in shades of blue with a green boarder, and my abstract image is in shades of purple.

When I had to cut up my images and re-arrange them I thought my teacher was mad. I also did not enjoy trying to mix my paints to get the desired colors. But I have to say that I really like how the project came out in the end, even if I dug my heals in during the process.