Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ransome Note Postcard Swap -Sent

"Give me $100,000,000 dollars or the bunny gets it, No Police!" My partner for this swap had mentioned that hse had a bunny doll that she loved, so I used that idea for this fake ransome note postcard. I took a photo of one of my own bunny dolls tied up and mailed it to her.

Altered "Paper" Doll swap - recieved

This is the outrageous altered paper doll I recieved from Charrley. Purple and Fabulous, I love it!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Welcome Back Party at NCC

We had our welcome back party at college today. I hung out at the film society's booth to help promote our 2nd annual Rocky Horror Picture Show event. Last week my fellow film clubbers voted me in as the VP of the group.

Our Fearless Leader/Advisor John Tindell!
Club Advisor of the Year!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A really, really great mail day.

I came home today to find not one but five wonderful packages waiting for me, needless to say my family couldn't believe it and neither could I. The first package I opened was this one: "Matchbox-oracle" from Basilika in Sweden. I especially love the postcard that she sent since I find the Scandinavian troll lore fascinating. As you can see she made a wonderful matchbox for me and included a Chinese good luck charm.

The next package I opened was this letter in a bottle reply from my partner for the "Ghost Pen Pal" swap. I had written to her and sent a letter in a bottle (The same bottle that has returned to me), in the letter I was a young woman named Lavender who was stranded on a desert island after her ship had been attack by pirates. Lavender's message was recieved by this young man (my partner's creation) who also finds himself in a simular position. I will be sending out a reply soon (also in the bottle) from a new character who intercepted the message.

This next package I recieved from EmJayBe for the "My Favorite Magazine #2" swap. she was kind enough to send me information about some local lore and legends.

This package I recieved from Grinch for the "Book of the month -August" swap

The Last package I recieved from a gal in Canada, It was a wishlist gift and as you can see she was very kind and granted my big wish of recieveing a Bento box.