Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A really, really great mail day.

I came home today to find not one but five wonderful packages waiting for me, needless to say my family couldn't believe it and neither could I. The first package I opened was this one: "Matchbox-oracle" from Basilika in Sweden. I especially love the postcard that she sent since I find the Scandinavian troll lore fascinating. As you can see she made a wonderful matchbox for me and included a Chinese good luck charm.

The next package I opened was this letter in a bottle reply from my partner for the "Ghost Pen Pal" swap. I had written to her and sent a letter in a bottle (The same bottle that has returned to me), in the letter I was a young woman named Lavender who was stranded on a desert island after her ship had been attack by pirates. Lavender's message was recieved by this young man (my partner's creation) who also finds himself in a simular position. I will be sending out a reply soon (also in the bottle) from a new character who intercepted the message.

This next package I recieved from EmJayBe for the "My Favorite Magazine #2" swap. she was kind enough to send me information about some local lore and legends.

This package I recieved from Grinch for the "Book of the month -August" swap

The Last package I recieved from a gal in Canada, It was a wishlist gift and as you can see she was very kind and granted my big wish of recieveing a Bento box.

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