Sunday, November 4, 2007


A man was wondering alone one day.
Upon a lonely willow tree he came,
And thought to rest beneath its branches.
He spied a lovely creature gazing into the pool.
He approached in awe, afraid to speak, least he frighten this thing away.
Clear eyes fell upon him and he dared to speak,
“Tell me, I pray, what are thee?”
Upon the wind a sweet sound came,
And he knew an answer he was to receive.
“I am thy dream, thy peace, thy heart.
In my weakness thou shall be my strength,
When thou grows weary, I shall be thy rest.
Thy fortress and safe haven rest within my being.
Thou shall be the head of thy house, and I shall be the heart of thou home.
I shall laugh and cry with thee, for this path is long and hard.
I am thy encouragement and joy.
I am thy greatest unknown dream.
Thy heart has asked for me and I was made,
To give thee comfort, rest, and joy.
I am woman, your love, your wife.”
The man rejoiced in this companion for the journey,
And with Woman, he found his rest.

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