Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"My Favorite Bible Story" Swap

My favorite bible story is the story of Ruth. So the story goes that Ruth had married one of the sons of a woman named Naomi. Naomi’s husband had moved his family from Bethlehem to the land of Moab to escape a famine. While in Moab their two sons marry local girls named Oprah and Ruth. Unfortunately father and sons die soon after leaving behind leaving the three women as widows. News soon reaches Naomi that the famine is over, so she decides to return home to Bethlehem. Oprah and Ruth follow Naomi until she turns and urges the girls to return home to their parents and remarry men from their own land. Oprah obeys and bids farewell, but Ruth refuses and in my favorite bible speech declares: “Don't urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.”
Upon reaching Bethlehem they are greeted by Naomi’s old friends, at which point she announces that she is changing her name from Naomi (pleasant or amiable) to Mara (bitter or bitterness). Ruth and “Mara” set up home again and Ruth embraces Namoi's culture and religon. Ruth goes to look for work so they can eat. She finds work gathering wheat left behind by the sewers in a field belonging to a man named Boaz.
Boaz who is a relative of Naomi's husband, sees Ruth and admires her for her hard work and the kindness she shows to her mother-in-law. He offers her protection in his fields and arranges for her to bring home more wheat. Naomi upon hearing who has been so kind to Ruth starts planning for her Daughter-in-law. To make a long story short: Ruth follows along with her plans and asks Boaz to be her Kinsman Redeemer. Boaz falls in love with her and arranges to purchase her father-in-laws land and marries Ruth. Ruth gives birth to a son who later becomes the grandfather of King David. The moabess Ruth, an outsider, becomes one of the women in the family tree of Jesus Christ.

I love this story, there is so much in here about obedience, having faith, taking chances, and most of all God’s amazing grace. It encourages me to think that maybe one day I will find my Boaz.

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BrianneElizabeth said...

I came upon your post randomly, and I just thought I give you a comment saying, I share your love for the story of Ruth. It is one of my favorite Bible stories as well. Ruth's remarkable faith in the God she hardly knew is an excellent example of how we (nowadays) should mold our faith to be like. I greatly admire her obedience and unrelenting love for her mother-in-law, Naomi.
I thought I might also refer the book, Lineage Of Grace, by Francine Rivers, to you. I love it! It is the stories of the five important women in the lineage of Jesus Christ. Rivers, keeps the story lines the same but creates them into fascinating and entertaining narratives.
Well thats it of my randomness :)