Monday, August 11, 2008

My First Fairy Jar

I made this Fairy jar for the "Make a whish for your fairy jar" Swap. This is the first fairy jar that I have ever made. I had alot of fun with it and I hope that my partner likes it.

This is the information I included about my fairy. In't she cute? I love how she came out.

Fairy’s Name: Rosebud Pollywiggle Age: Unknown
Power/Talent: Invisibility, flight, causing confusion and slight mischief.
Further Information: While you have your back turned Rosebud will sneak up and take your beads, buttons, thread, ribbons, thimbles, needles, and any other little trinket she can get her hands on. She enjoys watching the confused look on her victim’s face when they turn back around and can’t find the object they were just about to use. It is believed that she will one day grow out of this habit and develop more beneficial habits and powers.

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