Thursday, August 14, 2008

"Writing Challenge #1" Swap-Crime Scene-Sent

This is a writing challenge swap that I participated in. I had fun with it. I had to write about a crime scene. So I decorated the letter and envelope with hand-drawn police tape. I even included a sketch of the crime scene that my made up detective drew of the scene. I have to admit that Detective Kent is not a very good artist. :-) Here is what I have written so everyone can enjoy it. I hope you like it, granted it is not my best piece I have ever written. :-)

Rookie detective Charlie Kent pulled up to the crime scene. He had been a police officer for many years and he had seen nearly everything that crime had to offer. The forensics team had yet to arrive; Kent hoped that it would not take to long for them to get there. Time was their worse enemy; valuable evidence would be swept away by the coming storm. As Kent and his partner stepped out of their car, he felt his adrenaline start flowing; this was his first case as a detective. His partner Detective Albert Baxley, was a seasoned vet and would have to take the lead on this investigation, at least until Kent could handle it.
They crossed under the crime scene tape and located the officer who had responded to the scene.
“Neighbor called 911 to report shots fired. According to the witness, she heard 3 shots and then screeching tires. She looked out her window and saw a dark van disappear around the corner. She is over there with my partner, Officer Garrison.” He said.
“What did you see when you pulled up?” Kent asked.
“Pretty much what you are seeing, nothing changed. We checked the victims for a pulse. Of course when we pulled up the caller ran out to us and started babbling like a lunatic.”
“Thanks” Said Baxley, moving toward the witness. Halfway there, Baxley stopped and looked at his partner. “Charlie, why don’t you walk the scene? Write down everything that you see and draw a sketch of the scene. I will talk to the witness. We don’t have a lot of time till that storm breaks. I will be with you in a minute.”
Kent nodded and walked away.
The crime scene was a parking lot of a local convenience store, it was 3 in the morning and the shop had long since closed for the night. The two bodies lay in a heap in the middle of the lot. They had to have been standing very close to each other when the shots fired. He opened his notebook and began to sketch what he saw. He marked where the bullet casings were and the position of the bodies.
Every once in a while he glanced toward his partner. The witness was indeed babbling. Kent recalled the officer mentioning squealing tires so he searched the ground for any tire treads; nothing. Things were not adding up. 3 shots fired? Then why were there 6 gun casings lying nearby.
He looked around and spotted an ATM near the entrance of the store. He walked towards it. The ATM camera was pointed in the direction of the bodies. He jotted this down in his notebook to help him remember to mention this to Baxley.
“What do you have?” Baxley said.
Kent jumped and turned. “Baxley, you gave me a heart attack.”
“Sorry, anything you want to share. Like why you are over here at the ATM when the crime happened over there?”
“Look at this, the shootings happened within the camera’s range, perhaps it caught the action.”
“Not bad rookie, what else do you got?”
Kent explained about the number of casings and the lack of evidence that a car was involved. Over head there was a clap of thunder. “About time that the forensics team showed up, this storm won’t hold back much longer.” Kent said pointing to the forensics van that pulled in.
“The witness might just be the perp, or else not a witness at all.” Baxley said as they headed toward the team.
“Why do you say that?”
“She kept changing the story. First there were 3 shots and tires screeching, and then there were 5 shots and a car driving slowly by. So my thought is either she is the perp or she really saw nothing and is trying to get attention. You do know that sometimes the perp returns to the scene of the crime. Perhaps the perp never left.”
While the forensics team got to work, the two detectives began to compare notes. It would just be a matter of time till they solved this one, but for now it was time to sort out the facts.

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